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The Overdrive Files – Who Should Replace Thanos After Infinity War?

On this episode of The Overdrive Files (recorded Friday December 22, 2017) Rex Overdrive discusses the following topics.

The first trailer for ‘Sicario 2: Soldado’

Alex Talmadge
After watching The Last Jedi and reading reviews I saw a lot of people were disappointed because their theories or the theories they followed didn’t come to fruition. What are your thoughts on people being upset by random fan theories not coming true in the movies? We could say the same for GoT theories as well. People need to relax and enjoy the film in my opinion.

Super SpikeGhetti Bros.
Who’s your favorite pro wrestler of all time? Who is the best?

Jeremiah Hunt
1) Who should replace Thanos after Infinity War?
2) How could the MCU fix the their underdeveloped-villain issue? Should they start making villain centered movies like DCEU’s Suicide Squad?
3) In Marvel’s Netflix TV universe, would you like to see those heroes teaming up more often, like having Iron Fist and Luke Cage together in one season?