The Overdrive Files – X-Men and Fantastic 4 Are Coming Home

On this episode of The Overdrive Files (recorded Sunday December 17, 2017) Rex Overdrive discusses the following topics.

The Disney & 20th Century Fox merger.

Deathstroke 340
What are you’re thoughts on Rian Johnson creating a new Star Wars trilogy TV series?

Andrew Arvizu
1) X-MEN being part of the MCU. Should they be included in Avengers 4? Should Disney-Marvel reboot the X-MEN movies?
2) What should WB do with the DCEU moving forward?
3) Is there any movie franchise outside comics you think is truly worth investing that much emotion, time and money?

Jun Sheng Tan
Do you think the current trend of studios pumping most of their money into nostalgia franchise could hurt the creativity of film making in the long run, especially in creating/ introducing completely new content? Would so many comic/ rehash movies in such a short time being released eventually hurt this genre due to over exposure?

Super SpikeGhetti Bros.
Here’s my topic: Can a good Fantastic Four movie exist? These characters are SUPER important to Marvel Comic lore, but on screen they come off as boring, generic and derivative. Great show Rex!

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